RE_CO_RE is an international research project within in the framework of ERACOBUILD. It is composed of 3 national programmes - Austria, Sweden and Switzerland.

The objective of RE_CO_RE is to develop an integrated approach bridging the gap between social, cultural, ecological and economic aspects of renovations and to develop methods based on architectural quality assessment, life cycle assessment (energy, mass and monetary flows), living quality assessment and user acceptance (technologies, behavioral changes). The strategies and methods will support real-estate managers, architects, consultants and monument conservation bodies when defining and carrying out sustainable renovation projects. A specific aim is to bridge disciplinary knowledge gaps (cultural, social and technical) between the stakeholders and link management, planning and use phase information.

Based on preliminary research work and the experience of the associated stakeholders, appropriate methods to deal with the renovation of specific parts of the stock will be developed, applied and evaluated. In each country a particular part of the stock will constitute the basis and template for this. The European character of the project will consist in developing an approach which is energy saving, socially compatible, culturally respectful of the particular parts of the stock instead of reducing cultural differences and social specificity through standardized construction-practices.

Project period: January 2011 - December 2012