Building age as an indicator for energy consumption
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Alternative scenarios for energy conservation in the building stock
  Uta Hassler  and Niklaus Kohler,  ETHZ – IDB

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Unveiling the process of sustainable renovation
  Thuvander, Liane; Femenías, Paula, Mjörnell Kristina & Meiling, Pär
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Strategies for an Integrated Sustainable Renovation Process:
  Focus on the Swedish Housing stock ‘People’s Home’.

  Thuvander, Liane; Femenías, Paula & Meiling, Pär (2011)
  Conference article in Proceedings of the 2011 World Sustainable Building Conference October 18th-21st, Helsinki

• Energiepolitiken und Werterhaltung Autumn Semester 2012 (Colloquium)